M. Sc. In Computer Science & Engineering



The course intended for the students of M.Sc. (master of science) in computer science under national university extends for at least one academic year and consists of a total of 8 units (equivalent to 32 credits) Each unit, or 4 credits, carries 100 marks each unit of theoretical course requires at least 60 class hours (each of 50 minutes duration) and each half unit of theoretical course requires at least 30 class hours in total. Each unit of laboratory course requires at least 40 lab sessions (each of 2 hours duration) in total. 
Out of the total marks for the theoretical courses, 20% marks are allocated for in-course assessments or class work (that is, lab reports, assignments, class tests, oral prese4ntion, etc.) and the remaining 80% marks are reserved for the final examination. The duration of final exam for each unit, or 4 credits of theoretical course, is 4 hours, and for half unit theoretical course is 2.5 hours. The examination committee prior to the examination will decide the of duration of the final examination for the laboratory work. 


Admission Requirements 

  • Minimum GPA 2.0 in S.S.C. and H.S.C. (Science/Diploma in Engineering /Equivalent) or at least "C" grade in both exams.
  • Both male and female Students passing H.S.C. in the current year or one year ago can apply for admission.
  • Student having at least "C" grade in Physics and Mathematics with Science background will qualify for admission in CSE.
  • Student passing general Certificate examination (GCE) in at least 3 subjects in "0" Level and 2 in "A" level having at least "C" grade in physics and mathematics can apply. 


Tuition Fees


Admission Fees + Regular Tuition Fees   :  (5,000+  35,000) = 40,000 TK

Regular tuition Frees (TK)

Scholarship Tuition Fees (TK)

Admission Fees




Per Semester Fees





For Regular Tuition Fees

1 Year's 2 Semester Total Fees 17,500 X 2 = 35,000 TK