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জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ২০১৮-২০১৯ শিক্ষাবর্ষে ১ম বর্ষ CSE, ECE, BBA স্নাতক (সম্মান) প্রফেশনাল ভর্তি কার্যক্রমের প্রাথমিক আবেদন ০ ৬/৯২/২০১৮ তারিখ পর্যন্ত চলবে।

Student Support Services

Internship Program

The student must be aware of the industrial production system management of Industrial units Marketing, Finance, Accounting System, International Trading System Management Information System etc. of Bangladesh .In order to acquaint them practically with these, industrial attachment for a period shall be arranged by the Institute during the study period as part of B.S.C (Hones) Computer Science and Engineering program, Electronics and Communication System program, BBA program and Diploma Programs in the from of internee—ship program in industrial and other companies including Banks, Insurance, NGO(s) , specialized Agencies/ Autonomous corporation working in the country. Industrial tours may also be arranged.

Student Counseling Center

Counseling services are available to BIST students through the BIST counseling centre, staffed by psychologists and counselors, the center provides both individual and group counseling sessions at no additional charge. This counseling will be helpful to find suitable employment on graduation. Practical knowledge and training will be provided in job search skills including aspects of self assessment, job search procedures, resume preparations and interviewing skills.

The Library Services

The Central Library: The Institute has established a rich and well furnished library. At present the library contains about 5,00 books and lots of informative materials.

Seminar Library: BIST has a seminar room for group discussion containing sufficient books and references for research and other purposes.

Computer Lab

The Institute has established an Air conditioned Computer Lab S view to fulfill the requirements of the student of B.S.C (Hones) in Computer Science .Students must use the computer units with due care and caution and shall avoid mishandling and damage of any kind .Course coordinator will extend all kinds of assistance to the students in the Computer Laboratory so that they have a solid understanding and knowledge of the course in Computer Science and the technology to use the computer units in a befitting manner. Its computer labs are equipped built-in multi media connected.

Canteen and Cafeteria Facility

There in an arrangement for students canteen and teachers cafeteria for provision of foods, snacks and soft drinks, so that one can take according to on, s needs on cash payments. One male attendant for male students and one female attendant for female students will be on duty to meet the requirements of the student.

Financial Assistance for Poor but Meritorious Students

In each year, on the basis of the result of the final examination held at the send of each semester, the top ten shall be awarded stipends at a rate that will be equal to their course fee and it will remain valid till the next in final examination result is out when the list of top- ten will be selected afresh, provided they- are from needy families: Stipends are meant only for needy but meritorious students and as such their names must remain within first top- ten therefore all the top- ten students will not get the stipends of the institute, unless they are all from poor-parents who are unable to bear the burden of higher education of their wards, the students who will obtain 80% marks in admission test will get stipend T.K.200/= per month in 1st year only.

Higher Study

Arrangement is also available at the institute for contact of higher study programs with Canadian/American /Australian universities after completion of the B.S.C (Hones) in computer science Few Words about BIST .

Co –curricular Activities

For harmonious development of body and soul of the students and to inculcate amongst them the quality of honesty, sincerity, punctuality, hard working, god and amiable manners civilized etiquette, better performance attitude , etc. The institute has arrangement for co curricular activities of the students through a student council.

Language Programmer

The Institute has a separate program for all students to make them fit to speak and write English which is the medium of instruction and the medium for international communication.

Seminar & Symposium

Seminar and symposium method of study is a modern technique being used largely in developed countries and in selected institutions of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Institute Of science and technology will also use this method wherever and wherever necessary. By inverting gust speakers from amongst the industrial learners and commercial and business

Executive from private sector


Individual facilities of the hostel for male and female and female near the campus have been ensured.

Punitive Actions

All the students and teachers (full –time) must abide by the rules and discipline strictly. Politics of all kinds is strictly prohibited in this Institute. If any body is found indulgent in the activities which is/ are against the good order or discipline or interest of the Institute, the authority has the right to take appropriate punitive measures without serving any notice or showing any causes whatsoever.


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