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জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ২০১৮-২০১৯ শিক্ষাবর্ষে ১ম বর্ষ CSE, ECE, BBA স্নাতক (সম্মান) প্রফেশনাল ভর্তি কার্যক্রমের প্রাথমিক আবেদন ০ ৬/৯২/২০১৮ তারিখ পর্যন্ত চলবে।

Message from

Professor Aminul IsIam

I am glad to write a few lines about the modern, professional and technological education such as Computer Science in Bangladesh perspective. Our education scenario is undergoing a rapid change following the fast changing pattern in the country. The shift is obviously towards the private sector that makes increasing contributions to our gross national product.

Quality education and developed information technology is, therefore, a must to cope with the country’s growing requirements in the business and industrial sector.

I welcome BIST for its coming into being in such a crucial period of education and I am happy to see that it is making long strides towards meeting its cherished goal. I convey my sincerest thanks and felicitations to BIST for all its programs and effort for academic development.

The Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology BIST Dhaka, is an affiliated Institution under the National University to impart quality education at minimum cost. Its success will save a lot of foreign exchange of the country and spare the students the heavy cost to study abroad.

I wish the institute as well as its students all success.

Professor Aminul IsIam
Vice –Chancellor (former)
National university
Gazipur, Bangladesh
Chief Advisor
Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

Message from

DR.M .Lutfar Rahman

Development of Computer Science and Information Technology has brought revolutionary changes and importance of Computer Science and Information Technology is increasing fast

In our society, in this regard the introduction of B. Sc. (Hons.) curriculum in Computer Science and Engineering by BIST is a right step at the right time. The present age is called information age and computers are the main drivers of the information age. We need skilled Computer and IT professionals to cope with the present information age. I believe that the teachers and the students of BIST will work hand in hand to meet the demand of computer and IT professionals in Bangladesh and abroad.

I appreciate the commitment of BIST towards its goal for imparting quality education in

Computer Science and Engineering in our country.

DR. M. Lutfar Rahman
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Dhaka.

Message from


This gives me immense pleasure to learn that Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) has started its B.Sc.

( Hons) in Computer Science and Engineering

In this era of Information Technology the only way we can change the distressed face of our motherland is to use this versatile technology in the benefit of all. I would like to believe that BIST will direct its efforts to quality IT education. The students of BUET occupying 11TH position in the ACM ICPC World Finals does indicate the immense potential we have in this field.

I congratulate the young organizers of BIST and wish it all success.

DR. M. Kaykobad
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
BUET, Dhaka.

Message from

DR.Md. Adnan Kiber

It gives me immense pleasure to learn that, Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) is moving forward with a vision to provide high quality education. Its curriculum as well as programs have been approved by the National University which is up – to date and are at par with international standards. This Institution almost met the standards of today’s advancing technology as needed for high standard of education. BIST is one of the few institutes under the National University that has been selected for Bachelor program of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The engineering degree is designed to prepare its graduates to contribute in related important fields and industry and will make them highly skilled.

I hope BIST would take necessary steps to further improve the quality education and preparing the new generation to face the challenges of the 21 st century.

DR.Md. Adnan Kiber
Professor of Applied Physics
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
University of Dhaka.

Message from

Md. Saiful Haque

It gives me immense pleasure to note that Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) is bringing out a souvenir highlighting the different aspects of the institute as part of their publicity activities and for motivation of the students.

I wish it a great success.

Md. Saiful Haque
Chairman (Former )
Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BIST)

Message from

Engr. S.K. Banik

Dear students, greetings on your taking up of the Bangladesh Institute of Science & technology (BIST). I am delighted to know that you are joining us for an uncommon educational experience, and I hope you are as thrilled as I am about the many opportunities that will lie ahead for you here at BIST.

We know that you are an achiever. Your accomplishments in secondary and higher secondary levels, both inside and outside the classroom, have earned you a position at BIST to achieve a highly selective education.

Education is Empowerment, through an input – output system, and BIST is committed to culture this system for the maximum result. The success of an institution lies in promoting nationally and internationally accepted outcome that will add a new chapter to the whole history of civilization, only by ensuring human resource development.

We believe that subjects like Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Business Administration are three of the most profession oriented subjects. So, we promise to prepare students for professional career through the exploration of their talents and human qualities and, above all, through their self- realization and self – working.

On this auspicious occasion of the inception of the course- classes at the BIST, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to the National University authority for affording us the necessary affiliations and offering earnest cooperation on this regard. I strongly believe that our young learners will be encouraged and benefited availing the opportunity which are offered to them.

We will help you learn to love learning. We will be nourishing an inspiration, a Commitment, all through the 4-years ‘Academic Workshop; to make you research scholars for the welfare of the country and the nation.

We will prepare and create future citizens of this country ennobled with patriotism, honesty and good quality to work for human development and inspired with moral values.

I keenly look forward to seeing your tremendous success in the above mentioned field.

Engr. S.K Banik

Message from

Dr. M.A Mannan

I feel really proud to think a bit about the dynamic and profession oriented and time demanded courses. Bangladesh is now in a trend to cope with the globalization especially in this sector, which we need for our lives. With the demand of time, Bangladesh Institute of Science & Technology (BIST) has introduced courses like Computer Science & Engineering, M. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, ECE, BBA, MBA and Diploma in Computer Technology, Electronics Technology, Electrical Technology and HSC(BM) which is appreciable. Such courses will contribute a lot to build up the nation. BIST being a private institute has taken a challenging attitude by collaborating with the activities of NUB, and BTEB. As reported, BIST has shown a keen initiative with praiseworthy performances. The steps of BIST symbolize a remarkable symbol to contribute to the nation with promising attitude to alleviate unemployment in the country.

I expect BIST will flourish with a least possible time for her challenging attitude and also

will implement her dreams in the education field, which will be a great contribution to our nation.

Dr. M.A Mannan
Department of Management
University of Dhaka.

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